Reviewing the existing layout, code requirements, and proposed developments, brainstorming
ideas for future enhancement and development of the landscape while working with other
consultants in the architecture and design industry.

Site Planning and Conceptual Design
Site Analysis, Existing Conditions Plan, Local Codes and Permit Requirements, Concept Plans and Image Sheets



Landscape Plans with Written Specifications

Hardscape, Irrigation, and Lighting Design and Detailing. Showing the location of proposed site elements and existing site features to remain.




Planting Plans with Written Specifications
Showing the finalized Landscape Plan with proposed planting identified by its common and Latin
name, along with quantities and plant sizes.




Irrigation Plans with Written Specifications
Scaled Irrigation Plans with notes and details showing
the sizes, spacing, and locations of proposed heads,
piping, valves, and controller.


Construction Observation:
Site visits to answer any design related questions, making sure the installation honors the
design, and to facilitate any changes that may need to happen.





Landscape Management Plans
A written plan that outlines the utilitarian, ecological, and aesthetic objectives for the site.
The plan describes the specific practices and products that will be used to implement
the landscape management plan, along with a schedule of annual maintenance practices.